Weight-loss milestone #1 reached

April 18, 2012

I weigh in every Wednesday*.  I was completely shocked recently to realize that I have not lost weight in three consecutive weeks for over six months.  In other words, it’s been six months since I weighed less each Wednesday than I did the previous week, three weeks running.  I knew I’d been in a “channel” where my weight had stayed within the same 5 pounds for months, but I didn’t realize I had not put together 3 “down” weeks since early October.

Recently, as chronicled elsewhere in these pages, I’ve become very focused on eating better, becoming more active, and reaching fitness goals.  Accordingly, I was happy to see this morning that I have now lost weight for 3 consecutive weeks.  It’s a small thing, but set against the backdrop of backing-and-filling the past several months, it’s notable.

Next weight-loss milestone is roughly 3 pounds away – at that weight, I will be the lightest that I’ve been in roughly 7 years.   I hope to reach this goal in 2-3 weeks.

Starting now, I’m going to weigh in only every other Wednesday.  Multiple reasons, which aren’t worth enumerating.


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