August 25, 2015

Cool crisp morning air. The first hints of Autumn. Head out into darkness, single headlight attached, reflective ankle bands announcing my presence to those behind.

Last year’s warm-up-miles portion of the ride is this week’s medium-level exertion ride. Much work ahead just to get back to break-even, and then the great beyond.

I’ve finally made peace with that now, though, and this is critical to my getting back on track. Sheer faithful and optimistic determination, fueled by the wisdom of those whom I hold in regard, push me forward. Ever forward, a little at a time.

The past does not exist, says Ron, and he is right. Put forth a consistent, good effort every day, day after day after day after day, and you will arrive at the ability to do incredible things, says James. And he is right.

I’m just a little stronger during this morning’s ride than during yesterday’s. Just a little fresher. Just a little closer to where I am going. And as I push hard on the last couple of turns to my house, the same phrase keeps echoing in my head in time with my invigorated, beating heart: 2016. 2016. 2016.