“Give yourself permission to succeed. Give yourself a path to success. Give yourself everything needed to succeed.¬† Then, pursue success like the last parachute in a burning plane.”


Weather or Not

February 21, 2012

No bicycling yesterday ūüôā¬† Lots of rain, heavy winds, sheets of rain falling sideways.¬† Worked out perfectly, as I was intending to take at least one rest day from the bike anyway.

The ten-day forecast for my hometown looks very favorable for bike riding on most days, so I hope to get in some good miles.  Soon enough, this ostensible winter season will be fully past and good bicycling weather will be the norm.

As mentioned earlier, I set a new personal high distance today of 29.3 miles.¬† The route was similar to that taken on January 28th, with small variation.¬† I set out at about 7:30 AM, with the outside temp about 33.¬† The sky was getting light, but the sun wasn’t really visible.

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The Strategy

February 18, 2012

I’ve been meaning to make this post for some time. Therefore, the below graphic is actually a little out of date, but it fills its purpose.

This is a chart of my daily ride distance since dedicating myself to cycling circa 9/1/2011.  You can perceive a gradual increase in average distance, but the 4 circled recent rides stand out dramatically from all others.

These rides aren’t simply longer mileage than the others.¬† They represent a different strategic and procedural approach to riding the bike, a time-tested method accumulated through millions of hours of long-distance efforts by countless thousands of bicyclists.

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Bicycled 29.3 miles today, an out-and-back very similar to the ride I took on January 28th. This exceeded my previous personal best for ride distance by about 2.5 miles.

I’ll be posting a ride report shortly, with several pictures.

An entire doggone song today:

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“Even if your hope has burned with time, anything that’s dead shall be regrown.”

Angels and Airwaves (the song that began my obsession with them)

There have been so many times in the last few years when I heard a particular AVA song at precisely the time when I needed to hear those lyrics, that idea, those emotions.¬† I’m convinced there’s very little wrong in the human condition that can’t be improved by listening to these guys ūüôā

Lately I’ve been aimless with RE to the bike.¬† The weather has prevented me from riding for some 9 days, old poor eating habits reappeared, doubt set in.¬† But on tonight’s 11-mile ride, listening to Pandora on random mode, the first Angels & Airwaves song I ever heard – still among their best lyrics but God, they have so many great songs – came on, lifting my spirits and helping me refocus on my goals.

Even if your hope has burned with time…anything that’s dead shall be regrown.

So it shall.

With January in the books, I have (unsurprisingly) a new personal best for monthly distance.

I biked 211 miles in January, which was not only my best since my pursuit began in September, but was also nearly as many miles as the most recent two months combined. And of course I ended on a very strong week.

Here’s a graphic showing my monthly mileage to date.¬† The progress is quite evident, and I’m encouraged by my growing ability in the hobby.

Also worth mentioning that almost the entire time I’ve been with this hobby has been during fall and winter, i.e. cold weather, short daylight.¬† To increase my mileage in this manner, under these conditions, is satisfying to me, and I expect that during warmer weather and longer daylight, I will be able to really get out there.

“Yesterday I dared to struggle; today I dare to win.”