In summer 2009 I was 35 years old and, at 5’6″, weighed 284 pounds.  I stood on the edge of a descent into unrecoverable obesity and I knew it.  There were only two possibilities:  give up, or begin the long battle to healthfulness.

I chose the latter and soon bought a bicycle.  My first in 15 years. I’d wanted one for years, knowing it was a great opportunity for exercise, but inertia held me captive. Finally I purchased one. Basic Wal Mart starter bike.

I’m now down to 238 pounds, with an initial goal to reach 209 and an ultimate goal of 184. My weight loss hasn’t been constant – I’ve had several stretches of three steps forward, one or two back. But I never have lost sight of the driving goal.

Within the last several months, the love of bicycles and of riding has taken deep root. When I began losing weight, I would fantasize about a “grand challenge” – some impressive athletic endeavor that would never have been possible without so much work, which would symbolize my victory over obesity.  My new hobby provided the answer. I would take up long-range cycling and ride some incredible distance. Didn’t yet know the what, where, or when. I had the how and the why, and that was enough to start.

Fast forward another few months and I realized that the cycling bug had gotten me for good (at least for this phase of my life).  The idea was no longer to lose weight, accomplish a particularly long ride, and call it a day. I’ve acquired a genuine love for long range cycling and intend to retain this as a hobby for some time as I work towards my first big challenge.


3 Responses to “About my Blog”

  1. Maria Sequeira said

    You are an inspiration to me Master! You had provoked a strange desire that comes from the cores of my being to dare and have the courage to follow your model. I am on my quest to have a better healthier life and make a part of me the daily exercise that will be like comparing to satisfy thirst or hunger. Excellent work Bill, just keep going! Maria

  2. diesele said

    Bill – You responded to my recent blog and I wanted to check your blog out. I’m going to continue checking out your blog and using it as motivation for me. Keep the up the good work.

  3. Awesome!!! Cheers!! heres to you conquering this Ragbrai this year. Keep us posted on your biking results!!!! Great job so far, keep at it. You kind of inspire me. Thanks for that. Enjoy the riding.

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