Less talk and more do

March 21, 2015

My frustration at my fallibility, my humanity, results in this rather discontented post.

I was able to push my streak to, I believe, 27 (maybe 28) days, but then decided to take a day off. The reasons aren’t as vital now, but what is vital is that I learn from it and my subsequently-resumed struggles with weight and with fitness.

I am vowing today that this will be the last time that I must learn the lesson that for me, the bicycle is the beginning of all things good healthwise. It drives everything else for me; and its absence likewise drives the symmetrical and unpalatable decay.

My blog’s tagline is “My bicycle saved my life”, and I 100% mean that. It’s done it a couple of times already, and is about to yet again. Now I must finally allow it to shape me, literally and figuratively, into what I’ve denied myself for many years.

This is the year (already nearly 12 weeks in) of less talk, more do.