#bikehour – 1/27/2015 through 1/29/2015

January 30, 2015

Short update to clean the decks of the 3 most recent rides.

#bikehour streak is still alive, going strong after 13 days.

Tuesday (1/27/2015) I rode 18.3 miles, this time here up north on the paved trails with good friend and long-time riding buddy Mr. V. Incredibly, this was the first time I’d ridden with Mr. V in a quarter of a year. We took advantage of the springlike day to get in a nice ride from our office, to the trail, about 9 miles out and back.

Wednesday (1/28/2015) I got in an 11.6 mile morning ride in Ottawa. The same “airport road” route I’ve taken a time or two previously. I want to say it was about 35-40 degrees with a little colder windchill.

Thursday (1/29/2015) I got in a 13 mile evening ride in Ottawa. Around 40 degrees. Rode up to Forest Park, and around the ~1 mile loop there about 3-4 times, then out and some meandering miles up north before heading east on Sand Creek, back to Montana/Davis, then 68 highway and 59/Main back home.

Streak stands strong after 13 days, and we’re not going anywhere. Just getting started. The average daily mileage is still only 13.9, but considering the colder weather and just re-entering “the game” after allowing myself to fall off a cliff, I’m quite content with rate of progress. Soon, the numbers will be coming up.

Next “milestone” will be mid-next week, when I pass the longest consecutive streak that I’ve ever ridden, which is 18 days. In that 18 day streak, there were several longer days (20, 25, 30, I think a 60) although also a few 1, 2, 3 milers. I’m already on my longest personal streak of consecutive 10+ mile days.

Weather this weekend is looking pretty iffy, so I will be keeping a close eye on that and planning accordingly.


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