I am the tailwind

September 10, 2014

Pre-dawn start to ride
Flecks of rain fall diagonally toward me, passing through my headlight beams
Fresh coat of water covers the streets from passing rain last night
Will it open up on me this morning or will I ride free? Time alone will tell, but I’m goin’
Lungs and legs open up a mile or two down the road
This never gets old, and I hope that it never will
Spray of water off both tires as I wind my way through dark wet streets
Now I’m back near the start
Gliding along in pace with the winding stream of taillights ahead
A wave of sleepy people starting their day, moving forward in time and space into their routines
Make the final turn into the parking garage just as “Streets” by u2 swells up in the headphones
Right here I realize:
*I* am the tailwind.


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