By Threes – Jan 31, 2014 (day 11)

January 31, 2014

4.7 miles today in pre-dawn, sub-freezing temps, wrapped around a trip to the gym to lift weights.  Roughly half a mile to the gym; lifted; then rode around for a short bit.  Rode back south, to 15th st/Marshall, up/down the couple of rollers to the graveyard, then back home.   Frosty cold ride, but felt great.

Timing was prudent.  The nasty weather “they” were forecasting has arrived, and how.  Freezing drizzle, sleet, etc – roads are very slick and icy right now.  Driving is dangerous; several accidents on the interstate.  Riding a bike would be pure suicide.

I HOPE to be able to ride outside tomorrow, but if the ice doesn’t allow it I won’t risk it; I give myself flexibility to do my three miles indoors on a stationary if absolutely necessary, and if I have to do so tomorrow, that’s what I’ll do.   We’ll see how the day will unfold.


One Response to “By Threes – Jan 31, 2014 (day 11)”

  1. Jim Bangs said

    Hey Bill, I am planning my trip into Ottawa and then on to Katy trail. Can you give me any recommendations for Motels in Ottawa that gets me close to Prairie Spirit trail and maybe good places to eat or grab a beer. Maybe Mom and Pop motels or is it just better to get in a Super 8 or Days inn type?? Is there a traditional downtown that is nice??
    You can post me back here or at my email or message me on FBook.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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