By Threes – Jan 28, 2014 (day 8)

January 29, 2014

Another cold one. I got in 7.5 miles this evening, in well-below-freezing weather once again. I texted my dad last night that of the 8 days in my current streak, it’s no exaggeration to say that 4 of them are among the probably 15 coldest days I’ve EVER ridden the bike. It’s been crazy.

I basically just hopped onto Eisenhower road in Ottawa and took that south to the hill – one of the most respectable hills (one of the FEW hills) we have in Ottawa – and into the parking lot at its peak, turned around, and returned home. This hill has never been particularly easy for me to climb, and this wasn’t an exception, although I was pleasantly surprised how well I could handle it given my weight (I weighed in this morning and have put on 13.5 lbs from my lightest), fitness, and lack of bike miles the past few months. Bodes well.

Another good thing is that, as alluded to in a previous post, my former “alienation” from the bike is basically 100% gone now. I truly look forward to riding now, which, I am sad to have to say, was really not the case almost EVER for a period of months. From roughly late-Augustish or Septemberish on, through the past few days, I rode only occasionally, and I can honestly say that, save for the week I visited my folks and rode with my dad every day (I enjoyed that very much), I only looked FORWARD to riding just a tiny handful of times. It was an odd sort of burnout/meltdown I had from cycling, but I am very relieved that it now appears over or at least on its way out. I enjoy riding again, I remember all the old joys I experienced, and I look very forward to returning to randonneuring.


2 Responses to “By Threes – Jan 28, 2014 (day 8)”

  1. Jim Bangs said

    Hey Bill,
    Obviously we have never met and really don’t know anything about each other so it really does not matter, but, I get a lot of pleasure from reading about you re-discovering your enjoyment being on your bike again.
    Your dedication on throwing on all the clothes and getting out there in the cold is inspiring no matter if you ride 3 miles, 7, or 26. I got in my first real ride of 2014 this last Saturday. Bit off a little more than I should of for a first ride but it was the good kind of soreness when I hopped on the spin bike the next day. I [posted some pics on my blog. I can do the cold but I won’t ride outside when there is snow and ice on the main part of the road. Puts me indoors at the gym on that spin bike. Let me tell you… is a character builder to come back to that machine everyday!!
    Good Job!

  2. Thank you very much Jim, I really appreciate that. Your kind words bolster me.

    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog; I’ve not read it “cover to cover” but that is the plan! I will do so soon.

    And, while I was NOT on FaceBook when you first contacted me, I am now, so I will finally add you as a friend 🙂

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