By Threes – Jan 27, 2014 (day 7)

January 27, 2014

Two pairs of socks, check. Leggings, check. Long sleeved shirt, check. Balaclava, check. Yes, I’m well bundled up for a short 3-mile ride; but considering it’s less than 10 degrees outside with windchill (and colder if you are riding a bike INTO it), it is prudent.

Nothing overly exciting to report today. Did my standard 3+ mile dash to the park and back, then to Subway to pick up dinner. I propelled myself eagerly forwarded in surges, spurred by images of “Cav” – Mark Cavendish, the fastest sprinter on earth – captured in some unreal footage from the sprint finish at race’s end.

In the biting air, eyes started tearing up almost instantly and stayed that way for several seconds, but quickly enough cleared. Once the body woke up a bit, I was feeling good. I now regret cutting it short at ONLY 3 miles – a really good sign. My strange “alienation” from the bike that I suffered for so many months is almost entirely gone now.

The thought of one day riding a full 62- or 124-mile rando ride in conditions like this astounds me. Others do it – and they are only human – so, I can too. For now, I’m grateful that I can start & end the ride on my terms; and I know that there is much wisdom about cold-weather endurance riding that I can absorb from those whom I view as mentors – Ron A, kG, his crew when I eventually am able to ride with them. For now, I am where I am.


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