By Threes – Jan 26, 2014 (day 6)

January 27, 2014

Much longer ride today than the base 3 miles.  Ended up with 26 miles and change – which is actually my farthest ride in a couple of months.  Encouraging to remind myself that, Yes, I really do know how to ride a bike 🙂

Really strange KS weather lately, but this was a very nice 50 degrees for my pre-lunch ride.  First started up north, toward my once-traditional “Leloup loop”; feeling, however, that discretion is wiser and not trying to increase my mileage too quickly, I turned back south on Davis.  Rode back through town, south on 59 (helped by a generous tailwind); rested briefly at the Princeton PS Trail trailhead and then the 8 miles back on the trail.

First time on the trail for me since a very disappointing ride (when my glycogen seemed to be completely empty only a few miles in) with Mr. V in November.  I’d forgotten just what good training ground this trail and its crushed limestone surface can be.  If you push yourself a bit (or really even if you don’t), that surface will make you work, and build up muscle.  It’s not a simple surface.  During the ride I recalled the words of fellow cyclist kG who said that uber-athlete Sam Baugh made his training exclusively or almost exclusively on the Katy Trail – which is a LESS difficult surface than this one.  I intend for this PS Trail to have a somewhat prominent place in my training and base-building miles going forward, just as it has in the past.


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