My pannier, my present and my future

January 13, 2014

These days I bring a lot of my “stuff” (half-gallon water jug, half-gallon green drink jug, breakfast, etc) in to the office in my Jandd pannier (one of them). I know, somewhat odd. But it surely beats the “murse” (man-purse) that I’ve historically used to carry stuff in; and, it at least looks similar to the backpacks that many of my coworkers do in fact use for this purpose.

Anyway, this morning after setting the pannier down and signed onto the computer, I took a second glance back at the bag.

I’ve had in mind for a couple years to ride my bike either across the country or at least halfway across the country (for example, from KS where I live, to Florida, where my folks live). Lately I’ve been doing a lot of blog reading and YouTube video watching of folks who have accomplished this, which has stoked up my enthusiasm once again. The glance at the pannier was a sudden recognition that this bag that I use to daily haul my stuff into the office, is the very one (well, one of two!) that will one day accompany me on this grand adventure.

This little flicker of epiphany brought a smile to my face; a connection between the everyday, and this era when (primarily for fitness reasons) such an epic ride is not yet possible, and the era when such an undertaking is not only possible but is actually something I’m living and experiencing. I don’t yet know exactly when that will be, but I know one thing: I can’t wait.


2 Responses to “My pannier, my present and my future”

  1. Jim Bangs said

    Bill, I have all sorts of trips planned and dreamed up when I get this working for living thing finished up. For now I have to be satisfied with the 8 to 10 day tours during the summer that I can take some vacation time. Thus my Katy tour this summer coming up!
    Colorado up to Washington and Pacific ocean. Pacific coast ride. The Sierra ride. A Florida coast ride down to Key west. Northern tier. And of course the big Daddy of all for me, The great Divide Route.
    It is a motivator to stay healthy and fit for my retirement days

  2. Yes sir. Every one of those sounds wonderful to me. And I have the same mindset you do – I so wish I had the freedom, NOW, to do all of those. I’d love it. But, I’m very blessed with what I am in fact able to do now; and as you say, it provides something wonderful to look forward to!

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