My fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions / goals

January 3, 2014

Ample research has demonstrated that those with concise, clear, SPECIFIC goals are much more likely to attain them than those without. E.g. “I will have a net worth of $500k by my 30th birthday” not “I want to become rich and make lots of money”. “I will lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months” not “I want to lose weight”. Etc.

Accordingly, here are my rather specific fitness-related goals for 2014. In keeping with my intended timeline  outlined in a recent post, the initial goals are less bicycling-related but become more so as time progresses.

  1. Drink a gallon of water every day.
  2. Drink 1/2 a gallon of my green drink blend every day except during bike tour weeks e.g. RAGBRAI.
  3. Do 40 pushups per day, 6 days/week; and add 5 pushups/day every week. So week 1 = 40, week 2 = 45, week 3 = 50 etc.
  4. Ride bike at LEAST 3 miles/day, every day. Indoor stationary bike if circumstances dictate, but outside if at all possible.
  5. Go to gym 2.5 times per week through March 10th; do at least one interval workout (P90X and similar) per week through March 10th.
  6. Lose 15 pounds by March 10th. I’m currently 194, so this means a weight of 179 by March 10th.
  7. After March 10th, drop to gym 1.75 times/week; still one interval workout per week, for remainder of year (other than bike tour weeks and out of town vacations).
  8. Switch focus from losing weight, to the bike, adding bike fitness and bike miles, on March 10th. Ride a few times/week and gradually increase distance.
  9. Return to randonneuring by May or late April.
  10. Zero DNF’s (did not finish – referring to rando rides) for 2014 barring extraordinary circumstances.
  11. Ride every local 100k (62 mile) rando route at LEAST once in 2014.
  12. Be 8 months into the P-12 streak by 12/31/2014.
  13. Lose an additional 5 pounds by May 10th (so, weight of 174 by May 10th).
  14. Lose an additional 6 pounds by September 30th (so, weight of 168 by September 30th).
  15. Maintain weight at 173 pounds or below for remainder of 2014.
  16. Do at least one century ride (100+ miles) per month starting in July.
  17. Do at least one 200k (124 mile) rando ride by 12/31/2014.
  18. Ride RAGBRAI in July, and at least one other major “bike adventure” (to be determined) in 2014.

As the year moves forward I’ll keep the blog updated with my progress against these goals.


One Response to “My fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions / goals”

  1. Jim Bangs said

    Bill, Strong and specific set of goals. Good for you. I have never been much of a goal setter, more of a let the world come at me and push to excel with the circumstances. My boss is all about the “SMART” Goal thing so I have to play along every year when we lay out our budget for our location.
    For me, when it comes to our business and for my personal success, I like to set standards of excellence and try to live to that. Sometimes I miss that mark but I always try and ask myself “What does better look like”
    I am glad to read about your return to your bike and re-discovering why a bike is just fun!! Sometimes riding a bike is just supposed to be fun, not attached to being a workout and working on fitness. Cheers and Happy New Year!!

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