Yes, I am still alive

October 25, 2013

So I’ve not posted around here very much at all lately.  I’d be lying – to myself, my loyal readers and my self-accountability in the vehicle of this blog – if I said I haven’t been struggling mightily with fitness.

Fortunately there’s no disaster to report in terms of having put back on 20, 30, 50 pounds.  I’ve managed to stay within just a few pounds of my all-time (well, since I began losing weight in 2009) best.  But, as I told some friends recently, I’ve been basically breaking even – in terms of weight and in terms of fitness – for many, many weeks now.

My ambivalence on these matters and dissatisfaction at the lack of progress has translated both to not being as active as I have been and should be; as well as letting the blog wither a bit.  All of these things I regret, but I’d like to think I am emerging now from that funk and moving onward and upward once again.

RUSA ride is planned for tomorrow morning, and my heart stirred with excitement this evening as I scurried around the house engaging in my now-familiar night-before-RUSA-ride activities – washing bike clothes, getting the bike and other gear ready, prepping stuff for my morning breakfast routine…I read somewhere that routine has powerful effects on the psyche, and I certainly enjoyed a taste of that this evening.  After many weeks of essentially breaking even, drifting, and without a particular driving motivation, I felt the thrilling flash of excitement as I returned to a familiar routine, the rush of anticipation at an enjoyable long bike ride.  This is the kinda stuff that keeps me coming back for more.  This is the good stuff.


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