Katy Trail 2013 ride complete, multimedia memories forthcoming

October 25, 2013


So Mr. V and I a couple weeks ago reprised our thoroughly enjoyable Katy Trail ride of 2012 (days one, two, three and four here), but with an added twist.  While last year we rode from Clinton to Machens across 4 days, this year we rode Clinton to Machens, then back to the start at Clinton, across a 7 day period.

A much fuller ride report(s) is forthcoming as well as some (hopefully) entertaining and representative multimedia.  As with our previous ride, we took many pictures this year, and in addition, I had a small video camera mounted on the handlebars with which I shot a few hours of video across the full week.   The intention is to edit down all these pictures and video footage into one, or maybe a couple, short videos complete with soundtrack 🙂

As I did last year, I’ll give the “top line” report for this year – another epically fun ride.  No major mechanical issues, no major weather issues – we were very fortunate this year as last.  My preparation for such an event (primarily the weighted-touring aspect of it, wherein my bike was a solid 20-25 lbs or more heavier than I’m accustomed to) wasn’t nearly as extensive as last year, and I found the going a little tough at times as a result.  But in all, a great time was had, and our fondness for this wonderful treasure of a trail reinforced.

Stay tuned for more!


One Response to “Katy Trail 2013 ride complete, multimedia memories forthcoming”

  1. Jim Bangs said

    Bill, looking forward to this years ride report! Just a long winter from my chance for a ride on the KATY. My early plan is just as you advised. I’ll base myself for the first part of my ride in Ottawa. First day I’ll ride down the Flint trail to Osawatomie and on up to Paola for a reunion lunch with a High School friend. Then the next day down the PS trail to Iola for an overnight. Back up the next day to my truck and then the drive over to Clinton where we catch the bus to take us to St. Charles for the ride back.
    I’m going to read back through your blog here for your rides on PS trail. I am always a little jealous of my cycling friends that have a trail like this right out their door to cruise on. I live in some beautiful country but the cycling is always a challenge with the mountainous rides. If you want to have a look check my cycling stories at jabbangs.blogspot.com
    If you have a presence on Facebook we have a cycling group called bicycling through eons that you are invited to check out. Its just a group of more mature riders slogging out some nice rides and stories.
    Anyway thanks for the response and ideas

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