September 25, 2013

Never really mentioned this to anyone – not that it’s a “secret”, just hasn’t come up – but the era of my fitness that saw me FINALLY break through my 209-pound plateau / floor / ceiling where I was mired for months, was driven by this single, simple, beautiful quote from the movie Minority Report.  An otherwise freaky and downright disturbing movie, nonetheless this semi-whispered quote stood out to me as if shouted loud as I watched it one weekend.  “You can choose”.  It hit me like a rock.  You can CHOOSE to achieve superior results.

Lately I’ve been mired in yet another plateau around yet another major benchmark.  I recently officially declared a 100-pound loss, having gone from 284 to 184 lbs.  However, for the last longer-than-I-care-to-look-right-now, I’ve been treading the same 6-pound range, between 184 lbs and 190 lbs.  I’ll develop good habits and then drift after a couple days.  Develop good habits and then drift after 9-10 days.  Aaaand repeat.

As recently as two days ago I was wrestling with something I never wanted to face.  Have I become CONTENT with my progress.  Am I CONTENT to have achieved what I have?  In a way that eludes my ability to capture in words, the answer was both yes and no.  I found that PART of the reason for my lack of “eye of the tiger” lately is that I am, in fact, satisfied with what I’ve achieved.  But even at the same time that was true, a part of me was dissatisfied with that comfortable acceptance.  This part was saying, “Really?  Yes you’ve done great but really? You still have a very ample belly, your cardio still isn’t where you’d like it to be, you can’t run much distance at all (for example)”, etc.

Then yet another movie quote came to me, which, though it may sound odd to you the reader, prompted me turn the entire thing 180 degrees and look at it differently. This one came from the movie Wall Street (itself paraphrasing Friedrich Nietzsche):

A man looks into the abyss, sees nothing staring back at him. It is in that moment that man finds his character.  And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

That quote really resonates with my recent experience.  I was definitely looking into a kind of abyss of a future, thinking “well if I’m not striving to move forward, what AM I doing?”  In that moment, I found my answer, and that answer is what PROVIDED the direction.

Quite suddenly, as with my previous “YOU CAN CHOOSE” moment, I realized that yes, I can simply DECIDE to continue making progress.  I can DECIDE to put away any BS excuses I might allow myself to buy into.  I can DECIDE that I’m not yet satisfied with the progress to date – proud, definitely; relieved, VERY, but not satisfied.

I can CHOOSE. And I’ve chosen.


One Response to ““YOU CAN CHOOSE””

  1. Doris Vorndran said

    Profound and quite insightful my friend. I feel inspired by your words and can honestly relate to these feelings myself! Like you, I also have chosen! Let’s do this!

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