My daily green drink

August 3, 2013

Randomly, I thought I’d share my “recipe” and a picture of my daily green drink.  I’ve made reference on these pages to a green drink that I blend up and have each morning; this is it.

I’m decidedly not a fan of eating fruits or veggies; in fact I never do. But at least these days – a fairly recent development within only the past year or so – I CAN blend mine up and drink them.

I have a small “pulse” blender that’s well suited – works great, super easy to clean, super easy to operate.  I throw into there:

  • A few ounces of low sodium V-8 as part of the liquid “base” (later I add water)
  • A few ice chips for temperature
  • A couple of “chunks” of frozen chopped spinach
  • Two quarters of an orange, peeled
  • Half a banana, cut into slices
  • Between 4 and 7 stalks of asparagus, cut into quarters
  • A pack of stevia for a bit of sweet
  • A teaspoonful of a “healthy powder” blend that I make; this blend is itself a mixture of 4 ingredients:

I throw all of this into the blender, which then looks like the mouth-watering image below:

I add a little bit of tap water to fill out the volume, blend till it’s fairly liquefied, pour into a cup/glass and drink. Depending upon the exact concentration of ingredients, the color ranges from a sort of light brown (rarely) to a shade of green ranging from light, almost minty green, to dark rich green.

EXCELLENT taste (the sweetness of the orange and stevia is predominant) and really healthy. Packed with good stuff.  Fantastic way to start the day!  Sometimes on weight-lifting mornings, I’ll drink half of this prior to lifting and then the other half after.


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