July weigh-in: allllmost to goal #2

July 1, 2013

This being the first of the month, I had my ceremonial “official” weigh-in this morning.  Tipped the scales at 184.4, down 2.5 pounds from June 1st and a small 0.4 pounds away from my second major weight loss goal of 184 pounds.  That, again, will represent a total weight loss of 100 lbs since I began losing back in July 2009 – almost exactly 4 years ago. It’s been a long road, but I’ve kept at it and done well.

With this mark, I’ve now gone 12 consecutive months of being lower on the first day of the month than the prior month – a streak with which I’m very content.  Later I’ll possibly post a chart of my weight by month, but suffice to say that initially I lost a lot of weight over several weeks, then gradually regained some, lost some, regained MORE, lost some, etc…I was losing the battle for a few weeks and then following that I was treading the water for several months; but I’ve most definitely broken through that over this past year and have been consistently losing small amounts of weight (between 2 and 7 pounds or so per month) each month.

Next milestone, of course, is 184, which I should reach in – well, days 🙂  Then comes my next target of 174 pounds.  I’m still thinking I will be quite content when I reach 168, which is a mere (but hard-fought) 16.5 pounds from here.

Off to the gym now to add some muscle and aid in cooking off body fat…


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