New personal best monthly mileage (650 miles)

June 30, 2013

June is in the books, and with it a new personal best for monthly mileage.  I biked 650 miles in June, exactly 10% better than my previous best month of March 2013 (which was 591).

I also therefore met the bar I set for myself for June in this post, in which I laid out the plan to ride 620 miles (1000 kilometers) per month for June through October.  So far, so good.

On a “pro/con” note, however, with chagrin I’m already calling quits on my stated goal to ride 2 miles every single day.  I shouldn’t have committed to this, as my schedule is a little unpredictable at times and there are some days it’s just not really feasible.  So – noble thought, but this one goes to the wayside.  However, all other mileage goals for the year remain intact  🙂

For the year to date, I have ROUGHLY 2400 miles under my belt (I don’t have access to my records right now), against my 5000 mile goal.  Seemingly behind pace, but in actuality I’m very content with it, because I didn’t even SET that goal until late February, after a super-low January and February.  So in other words I’m well on the way.


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