Two new mileage goals

June 14, 2013

So again, been a while since I updated the blog with anything.

I’m adding two specific mileage goals for this year for myself. The goal to ride 5000 miles this year, set about 4 months ago, remains in place; these are two new ones.

620 Miles the Quantitative Way

One is to ride 1000 km (620 miles) per month in each of June, July, August, September, and October. “High mileage” on a bike will differ from rider to rider, and some reading this won’t find this an aggressive goal; but when one considers my highest-mileage month to date was 591 miles – and prior to that 539 miles – then the task of riding 620 miles per month for five consecutive months does seem pretty ambitious. As I write this I’m at roughly 270 for the month, so exactly on pace, as it turns out.

730 Miles the Consistent Way

Another goal I’m adding is much less about brute-force mileage and more about consistency. A friend of mine JL has established what I view to be a pretty impressive streak. He has run a mile a day (at least – some days further) every single day since 1/1/2012. Come rain or shine, birthday or Thanksgiving or Christmas, hot or cold, rainy or clear, sickness and health, he’s put in his one mile every day. I respect & admire this dedication and view it almost like a sort of “tithing” to one’s fitness in a spirit of dedication and consistency. He’s inspired me to begin a similar streak on the bike. You can obviously ride a given distance faster than running it; so I think 2 miles per day is a nice symbolic amount. This means you’re committing to riding the bike about 10 minutes per day, come what may; so a small but definite commitment of time. So, beginning yesterday (June 13th), I’m going to ride my bike 2 miles per day (minimum of course) for the foreseeable future.  A reliable, annualized 730 miles toward a yearly mileage target 🙂

I’ll periodically update these pages with my progress against these goals…


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