June weigh-in: I’m 2/3rds the man I used to be

June 1, 2013

This being the first of the month, I had my traditional first-of-month weigh-in this morning.  I tipped the scales at 186.9 pounds, down 3.3 pounds from May 1st.

This signifies a few things, all good.  It means I’ve left behind another “decade” (the 190s); it means I’ve lost 97 pounds since I began losing; it means I’ve got less than THREE pounds to go to meet my biggest weight-loss goal which was 100 lbs (weighing in at 184), and it also means, for the first time, that I’ve lost more than 1/3rd of my body weight since I began this effort (189.34 pounds would have represented a 94.66-lb loss, which was 1/3rd of my body weight).

As I’ve stated a few times on the blog, when I started losing I thought that surely 184 would be my final destination, but over the past few months it’s clear that I have a lot of room to go.  I still have conservatively 15 pounds to lose at this point, and you could argue 20.  So, my next milestone goal remains 184 pounds – and I hope to meet that by July 1st – and then after that, I set the next goal at 174 pounds.

Onward and downward!!!


One Response to “June weigh-in: I’m 2/3rds the man I used to be”

  1. Ron said

    Add to that another successful RUSA permanent populaire and you’ve had a great day. Congratulations Bill.

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