May 2013 weigh-in…we’re gettin’ there!

May 1, 2013

Had a better than expected number this morning on my traditional “official” first-of-month weigh-in.  I posted 190.2 pounds, a 6 pound drop from April 1st.  I’m more than happy with this.

And yet, I’m ill at ease in some ways.  I don’t have time right now to expand on it, but will do so in a post hopefully later today.  Those who know me (or, heck, anyone who follows my blog) know I can tend to the wordy, and I expect that’ll be the case with this one, so be forewarned of a likely ramble-fest as I look to inventorize & organize my thoughts around the strange journey that is weight loss.

In any event, though – YES, I do feel very proud and happy with today’s weigh-in.  I’ve now lost close to 94 pounds (wow) since my all-time high, and I’m 80% of the way between my initial weight-loss goal (209) and my second goal (184).  As mentioned recently, I still have at least 20 lbs to shed; my plan is to continue to 184, then set another goal of another 10 lbs, down to 174.

More later.  For now though – I’m super excited.  I should leave the “190’s” decade behind forever (allowing for small fluctuations in weight) pretty soon.


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