Running training resumes in earnest

April 30, 2013

Through a variety of life circumstances that won’t see ink in this blog, I was forced to bail out on my intended first-ever true 5k (that is, the first one I would run-walk), which was this year’s Rock the Parkway.  I also got in only very little running-specific training for that.

But, there’s a new “first 5k” on the horizon – the Ottawa Color Craze 5k on Saturday May 18th (so about 2.5 weeks away).

This morning before work I resumed my running training in earnest.  I walked/ran ~2.3 miles at a local park with a buddy Mrs. O.  Public disclosure here, my total time (I would roughly guess I walked about 50-60%, ran about 40-50%) was about 32 minutes, or a roughly 14 minute mile.  Yes, a brisk walker could have kept up with me 🙂  But everyone starts somewhere.  My initial goal is to shave off maybe a minute per mile by the time of the 18th and complete the 3.1 mile 5k in 40 minutes.

It’s my intention to keep running training in the arsenal, for a variety of benefits, and to participate in a few more 5k’s this year.  Maybe work up to a half marathon in time.


One Response to “Running training resumes in earnest”

  1. Karen said

    Awesome job Bill. Keep up the good work. Next thing I know you will start swimming and doing triathlons. The possibilities are endless.

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