Even grocery store aisles are an uphill climb

April 27, 2013

Proving once again the correctness of my old friend and boss BL who used to say to me, “Billy, nothing is easy.”

Doing some grocery shopping this morning, I was reminded in looking at the aisle after aisle of “stuff” that a HUGE portion of the foodstuffs in your average American grocery store is pretty darn bad for you.  At least, in any kind of “normal” portion.  That is, one cookie or one potato chip isn’t going to kill you; one small portion of anything in the grocery section isn’t terrible; but at portions sold and commonly consumed, the shelves are filled with borderline poison.  Insidiously, this poison usually tastes fantastic, is packaged in a manner to incite purchase, and as a nice kicker is frequently addictive to boot.  One of my heroes, Jack LaLanne, was substantially on the money when he said “if it tastes good, spit it out.”

The person working to recover from obesity or morbid obesity, or even the average joe who might be a little overweight, little out of shape, and looking to improve his health, truly has an uphill climb navigating the maze of food options out there.  As with the broader topic of healthy living, it’s so easy to go wrong/make bad choices, and it’s so tough to consistently make good ones.

Here’s to carrying on and winning that fight.


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