THIS is why we ride.

April 20, 2013

Had a good solid 50+ mile ride this morning – to Garnett and back on the local Prairie Spirit Trail. My first half century of 2013.  “Good” does not equal “easy”, as a stretch early in the return tested me in most ways a cyclist can be tested.  But in that inimitable way, the entire undertaking is mentally filed away under “great ride”.

Early in the ride, though, a “theme” emerged – as one seems most fascinatingly to do nearly every ride – and that was, THIS is why we ride.

We ride to test our limits.

We ride to escape.  To escape everyday stresses; to escape ourselves for a little while; and paradoxically to escape back TO ourselves.

We ride for health.

We ride for the thrill of speed.

We ride for companionship.

We ride for the rewards – rewards which often come disguised as challenges.

We ride to defy death just a little while longer.

We ride to remind ourselves of all the reasons we ride.


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