We have REACHED Onederland / How low can you go?

April 1, 2013

My traditional monthly first-of-month weigh-in was this morning.  I was overjoyed to see that the first number on the scale was a “1”, i.e. I’m now in “Onederland” – finally.  The weight was 196.2.  I stepped on the scale multiple times, as is my custom when I weigh in, and each time showed exactly 196.2.

This also brings into question a topic I’ve been curious about now for some time – what will my “final healthy weight” be?  What will I weigh when my weight loss totally slows & stabilizes and I enter strictly into the “maintain” phase?

When I first began losing, at 284 pounds, I set an initial goal of 209.  I knew then that I’d still be pretty “chubby” at 209, but once I neared 209, I was surprised at how much more weight I really had left to lose.  I set a secondary goal of 184, i.e. a loss of 100 pounds.  But, at 196.2, I’m now more than halfway between these two levels, and when I assess my physique, I don’t see merely another 12 pounds to lose.  I would guess I have at LEAST 20 pounds to go, if not more.

My intention is to reach 184, at which point I’ll be super proud – I’ll have lost 100 pounds from my heaviest recorded weight!! – but then to set another goal of another 10 pounds, to 174.

For now, though, I’ll be on cloud nine all day long. I’ve lost about 5 pounds since March 1st, roughly 87 pounds since my heaviest weight, and the number on the scale starts with a “1” for the first-ever time on an official weigh-in.


2 Responses to “We have REACHED Onederland / How low can you go?”

  1. Dad said

    Extremely proud of you!

  2. realexander55 said


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