New personal best monthly mileage (591 miles)

April 1, 2013

March is in the books, and with it a new personal record for monthly mileage, clocking in at 591 miles, surpassing by about 10% my previous best (October 2012) of 539 – which in turn was 11% better than the previous best (September).

I really ramped up in March after setting my 5000-mile goal for the year in late February.  I rode 22 of 31 days in the month, including 6 of the last 7 days and, in the first part of the month, a 9-day stretch.

Year-over-year, my March mileage blew away last year, where I totalled roughly (don’t have exact records with me) 200 miles – in other words, almost 3x as much this year.  However, last March I was in a pretty low place motivation-wise, and I have long considered the “beginning of my modern cycling era” to be late March 2012.  So April will be the first month in this hobby that I can validly do a year-over-year comparison.

Won’t be too long now before I will finally do a 1000-kilometer (620 mile) month – something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.


One Response to “New personal best monthly mileage (591 miles)”

  1. realexander55 said

    What a great month Bill. Congratulations. Let me know when you want to ride a perm. I’ll be we could find a time to ride the Old KC Road route or maybe the Cardinal Cruise or even Wander to Welda. Well done in March!

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