The train is leaving the station

March 1, 2013

So just a super quick update on progress.  This morning I had my recently-traditional first-day-of-month weigh-in.  I was quite pleased to see that I’m down to 201 pounds.  I’ve lost about 83 pounds from when I first decided to start losing in July 2009.

Three weeks ago I reported having achieved 204 pounds, and said that I’d hoped that today I would finally be in “Onederland” (pronounced “wonderland”) – sub-200 pounds, i.e. the first number on the scale being a One.  I obviously didn’t quite make it; but given everything that I’ve been through the past few weeks as alluded to in this post (some personal-life drama, a nasty battle with flu which still isn’t 100% resolved, and our sudden heavy snow which impacted both gym and riding for me), I am actually just fine with having lost three pounds in three weeks – being these particular past three weeks especially!

I’ve gotten back on the bike in earnest.  I rode about 16.4 miles Wednesday and 16.8 yesterday.  I’m going to gradually but consistently build myself up to bigger mileage and better on-bike fitness into the early spring and beyond.

I went to the gym Wednesday (and am going again today).  I was amazed to see that Wednesday was only the fourth time I’d been to the gym in the past 28 days(!) – a consequence/victim, again, of the myriad “stuff” going on.  But knock on wood, the way forward seems to be cleared of major obstacles now – so, on toward the big goals I’ve set for myself for 2013.

Next weigh-in will be April 1.  For certain I’ll be in Onederland then – in fact, I’m assuming I’ll be under 200 pounds by March 9th or 10th.  And the 200-pound “range” will be behind me for good.

The train is officially leaving the station.


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