Did someone say snow?

February 23, 2013

Mentioned in my last ride report that it would likely be the last ride for at least a few days, as all the weather forecasts were for a monster storm here in Kansas (and indeed the entire Midwest).

They weren’t kiddin’.  When all was said and done, we got roughly 10 inches of snow here in Ottawa, the great preponderance of which fell in the course of 7 hours.

Had to take the opportunity to frame my bike in this tsunami of snow.  Keep in mind, I don’t have a kickstand on my bike; in the pictures below, the bike is just standing arrow straight in the snow (leaning against a mountain of snow in the first picture).




Above:  My beloved Prairie Spirit Trail, the paved portion running through Ottawa.  Completely buried in close to a foot of snow with drifting.


Above:  My boot-adorned foot in a typical footprint.  Felt like the training montage in Rocky IV just tromping around in the snow, sinking each footfall way down and then hoisting it back up.

I’m itching to get back out and ride, so I look anxiously outside every 30 minutes or so to see if the roads appear bikeable yet  🙂


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