The train is in the station

February 7, 2013

train_stationRecently, as I was hovering at 209 pounds for a couple weeks, I was using (to myself and to friends) the analogy of “waiting for a train”.  What I meant by that was that, given the time of year, I was pretty content to just hover around 209-211 pounds, waiting for the weather to warm up, days to get longer, and my cycling miles to greatly expand.  I was biding my time, consolidating my progress, waiting for the next big push down in weight. Waiting for my pitch.

Well, I’m thrilled to see that the train is in the station – and not only on time, it’s early.  I weighed in last week at 206.5 pounds – first time I’d ever (well, in a decade) been below 209.  This morning, seeing a recent change in my clothes’ fit and body proportions, in curiousity I stepped on the scale again.  204 pounds came to my wondering eyes like a trumpet call.

We’re having an especially mild winter here in eastern KS.  The past week or two I’ve been staying active, eating healthy, and working out, although not riding big miles.  But the big miles will return sooner rather than later.  I view March 1st as the start of my “cycling season” and it’s just around the corner.  My jeans are falling right off of me, old clothes that hadn’t fit in years are now loose on me, I’m discovering notches on the belt I thought were only for decoration  🙂

Three weeks from tomorrow will be my traditional monthly first weigh-in.  I fervently hope to be under 200 pounds for that one – the vaunted “Onederland” my buddy Mr. O has encouraged me toward.  With a little luck and a little work, February 2013 will be the last month I ever weigh above 200 pounds.

The train is most definitely in the station now, and I’ve got a ticket to ride.  Let’s see just how far this thing can go.


One Response to “The train is in the station”

  1. lindabrooks said

    Absolutely fabulous – I’m proud to know you, proud of your progress, and can’t wait to hit the road on our bikes!

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