Major weight loss victory for me

February 1, 2013

Three weeks ago I announced that I’d finally, after 3.5 years of work and effort, reached my initial target weight of 209 pounds.

This morning I weighed in and achieved what is psychologically another major victory. I weighed in at 206.5 pounds, a respectable 2.5 pounds lower.  This marks the first time since I started losing weight that I’ve weighed in below 209.

It’s very motivational for me because the past 3 weeks have seen me gain a pound or so, and lose it.  Gain a pound or so, and lose it.  I returned to a hair above 209 a couple times but not below.  I was beginning to fear I might tread for a while in a channel, with my target of 209 representing the floor of the range.

So, I’m thrilled to have broken through.

I’ve been completely faithful with going to the gym and have started adding some strength training at home – push-ups throughout the day and a new core exercise routine – which is already starting to bear immediate fruit.

Most importantly from specifically a cycling perspective, I’m finally improving that all-important power-to-weight ratio.  As I continue to lose fat towards my target of 184 pounds, my legs (and body overall of course) continue to get stronger – a wonderful kind of diverging trend.

Below is a chart of my weight since I started losing.  Each point on the graph represents one month – more specifically it represents the very first weigh-in of a month.  The first weigh-in wasn’t always on day one; and some of the data is interpolated, although almost all of it is actual.  The first point is my top weight, when I started losing – 284 pounds.  Last point is this morning’s weight!  Top dashed line is my initial goal (209); bottom dashed line is my ultimate goal (184).


I’m feeling absolutely great lately, and can tell that I’m losing weight, getting better proportioned, and getting stronger and fitter.  I’m very much looking forward to warmer weather, longer daylight, and the return of cycling season.  Many adventures and many challenges await.


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