Three days till RAGBRAI route announcement!!

January 23, 2013

Three short days till the eagerly-awaited route announcement for RAGBRAI 2013, which will run from Sunday, July 21st to Saturday the 27th.

Each year the RAGBRAI route (and therefore the distance and things like amount of climbing) change. It’s a tradition accompanied by much fanfare to speculate each year as to the exact route – will it be a northern route or a southern route for example – and the 8 “host communities” – the 6 overnight towns the route visits plus the starting and ending town.  I’m not well enough versed in RAGBRAI history or the intricacies of Iowa to play along this year & cast an educated guess; but as someone who’s planning to ride this year in his very first RAGBRAI, I’ve been super excited to see the official route announcement and start researching and planning.

I made up my mind several months ago that I was going to ride in RAGBRAI 2013; and since then there have been three key dates to watch for besides the event itself:

  • Opening of registration
  • Announcement of route / host communities
  • Announcement of lottery results i.e. who can ride

With this Saturday’s forthcoming big announcement party, we’ll be one giant step closer to the adventure!


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