Reached my original weight-loss goal!

January 6, 2013

weight_209Took me a little over 7 months to lose the 17 pounds referenced in this post (weight loss milestone #2), but I have done it; and with it, I have FINALLY HIT my initial major weight-loss goal, set when I started losing in Summer 2009!!!

As I explained in my about page, I began losing all the way up at 284 pounds, with an initial goal of 209 and a final goal of 184.  It’s been anything but smooth or easy, but I’ve been mostly moving forward – and especially since rededicating to it in August 2011 I’ve been moving slowly forward while minimizing lost progress – but I’ve FINALLY reached 209 pounds.

This is the first time my weight has had a “0” for the second number in at least 7 years and most likely longer than that.  I’ve lost 75 pounds from my all time heaviest point.

I’ve been working really hard the last few weeks, eating right, staying more active, riding the bike, taking up (very modestly at first) jogging, returning to the gym to lift weights – and it is paying off.

Now, the final weight loss goal for me is 25 more pounds.  This will put me at 184 pounds, lighter than I’ve been since at least high school, and will represent a total of 100 pounds sheered off my top weight.

Experience has informed me it’ll be anything but easy, so I don’t have a real target date to accomplish this.  Unofficially I’d love to get there by RAGBRAI (late July: 6+ months away).  It seems reasonable, but I know it’ll be tough.

For now though, I am so, so gratified to have reached my primary goal, finally. Onward and downward!


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