Still around…this thing on??

January 2, 2013

No update to the blog in the past couple weeks, but I am still here and fighting the good fight.

Spent several days over the Christmas break with my folks in Florida (see this earlier post from a visit earlier this year).  I received a couple cool cycling-related gifts from the fam (thanks guys!) and arrived at a couple important conclusions regarding my bike configuration here at home.  Will detail these in a later post.

Today I returned to jogging for the first time in a looong time.  It’s been many months since I jogged a step – and at that time I never attempted to go more than once or twice, total.  But with the “athletic season” approaching, I am motivated to run or run/walk a few 5k’s this year.  More details later on specific events.

I won’t even share how far or fast I went tonight…suffice it to say that, as I reminded myself, when I began cycling I started super modestly (I was also dozens of pounds heavier than I am now) and in this sport/pursuit I am starting from a similarly humble place.  When I started on the bike, I rode only a few miles at a time for the longest time, and I never exceeded 15 miles for a long time.  But I’ve progressed, and so I will in running.  Dedication and consistent effort is the key, and I will give that.

I’m also returning to the gym to lift weights for the first time in ages.  I’m determined to make my athletic-related 2013 goals and to set even more audacious ones for future years, and I am willing to put in the work & sacrifice to enable it.


2 Responses to “Still around…this thing on??”

  1. mosportsdad said

    Stumbled on your blog while researching the KATY Trail. I have lived in Missouri all my life and have crossed the KATY numerous times in a vehicle. Purchased a “road” bike about a year ago and have enjoyed riding but it has been sporadic. I live within riding distance to the Frisco Highline Trail in SW Missouri so I spend alot of time riding the shorter paved section of that trail. Just recently purchased a hybrid that I’ll be able to tackle the 30 mile unpaved section. Started reading your blog over the weekend and ended up reading the entire thing. I have to say it has helped inspire me to get off my butt and make some cycling goals for this year. Your documentation of the KATY ride was exceptional. Great writing style. First week in April I am going to attempt my first 50 mile ride (my furtherst so far is about 20 hill strewn miles). Hope to get on the KATY this fall….would love to do the whole thing….we’ll see. Just wanted to write and let you know I really enjoyed the blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mosportsdad – Thanks for the kind words! Gratifying to have helped you in your journey.

    As for the Katy – I definitely cannot recommend that ride highly enough. I had pretty high expectations for it and was very eager for months to do it, and yet my expectations were surpassed. Incredible time. If you could pick only one particular stretch of it, I’d definitely go for that Boonville-to-Jeff City stretch (so our day 2). That was some very awesome riding, scenery, historical interest, you name it.

    Thanks for checking out the blog and dropping a line!

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