…and, first RUSA ride stricken by illness

January 2, 2013

Sad to report that my planned first ever RUSA ride, which I attempted on December 15th, was cut short due to illness.  A day or two prior, I’d developed the same cold/flu thing which had been going around the office, and that Saturday the 15th was basically the nadir of it.  I did manage to get in 30 miles of the planned 62-mile permanent populaire distance, but whatever illness I was battling had sufficiently weakened me that I simply hit the wall with nothing to give.

An inglorious start to my RUSA career, to which I’ve been looking forward for months.  For a few days following, I was very down on myself, but I made peace with it when I allowed myself to realize that being sick was the primary issue – after all, I’d successfully done a training ride on this same route a week prior.

I informed the route owner, with my apologies.  Ron if you’re reading this, I assure you I’ll redeem myself in the RUSA ranks in time 🙂

I’m going to undertake – and successfully complete – this ride again in the next couple weeks.  I am deadly serious about going after a RUSA 1000-kilometer award this year, and potentially trying for a P-12 award (see this post).


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