Some steps taken toward 2013 goals…

November 16, 2012

So I’ve taken a few steps towards my cycling goals for 2013.

  • First, I signed up for RUSA membership!  I am proud to be RUSA member # 8198.
  • Second, I contacted the route owner for what I plan to be my first-ever RUSA ride, a permanent populaire.  He’s been most helpful in corresponding with me about the process and I am very eager to start.  More on this in the near future.  As I told my friends about joining RUSA and starting to coordinate my first ride, channeling Obi-Wan Kenobi, “I’ve just taken my first step into a larger world.”
  • Third – I registered for RAGBRAI!!  Now there’s not a heckuva lot to do but wait, as they won’t announce the winners of the computer lottery for participation till May 1st – nearly half a year from now.  However, the next key date for the 2013 RAGBRAI is January 26th, when the route and overnight “host towns” for this year’s ride will be announced.
  • Finally, I ordered two copies – for myself and my buddy Mr. V – of the official GAP / C&O TrailBook for 2012-13.  This informative book is full of maps, facts, and info regarding history, services along the trail, and other useful stuff.  After waiting eagerly for a few days, it arrived today!  Each of us will digest the contents of this in the coming weeks, using it principally to inform our daily plans as to what we want to see and do during the duration of our late-May ride.

I’ve also started doing a little preliminary research regarding plans for what to see & do upon arriving in DC at the end of that GAP/C&O ride.  Our tentative itinerary provides me (or us depending upon Mr. V’s intentions) with a couple days to see the sights in DC.  I’m planning to get around by a combo of bike and the Metro and see a lot of neat stuff.  I want to have a decent plan of attack before arriving so as to see as much that interests me as possible.

Obviously I’m eager to carry out all these cool plans for 2013 – and they are coming closer to reality!


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