Several new personal bests set recently

October 31, 2012

I reported in a post on Sept 22 that I’d recently set several personal-best benchmarks.  In the 5.5 weeks since, I’ve set new levels for basically all of those, driven largely (as expected) by my mid-month Katy Trail ride.

  • My personal-best daily distance is now 100 miles.  I did my first (and thus far only century) on my beloved Prairie Spirit Trail on October 6th.  This surpassed my previous best of 70 miles.
  • My top 2-day and 3-day distances were all also extended, on the Katy ride, to ~125 and ~175 miles respectively, from 111 and 134.
  • My top weekly distance is now the roughly 245 miles the week of the Katy ride, surpassing by 41% my previous best of 174 miles set in late September.
  • With October in the books, I have a new monthly distance best of 539 miles, surpassing by 11% my previous best (September) of 485 miles. This kept alive my streak of extending my monthly distances to new highs each of the past 6 months excepting my injury-limited month of July (so April, May, June, August, September, October).

As I mentioned on 9/22, with cooler weather and shorter daylight now here, I have no expectations of myself to improve my monthly distances for the next several months.  The focus now will be on riding frequently but mostly shorter rides, such as the weather and daylight will allow.

I’ve already defined my 2013 cycling-related goals, and I’ll expand on those in a separate post. I’m going to spend much of the fall and winter losing weight, riding often but smaller distances (in general), and building up toward those goals.


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