Like a kid just before Christmas :)

October 8, 2012

The countdown is officially underway 🙂  Thirty-four hours from now, give or take a few minutes, myself and my riding companion Mr. V will be starting to pedal on the Katy Trail!  This, again, was my primary cycling-related goal for 2012, which I formally set for myself in the last couple months of last year and documented in one of this site’s first posts.

We’re planning to knock out the full ~240 miles (with a few all-purpose miles thrown in to reach overnight stays, see sights, etc) in four days.  Our planned itinerary is pretty symmetrical although not designed specifically to be that way.  We’re planning a ~70 mile first day, followed by ~50 miles, ~ 70 miles, and ~50 miles to end.

Taking the trail west to east – Clinton to Machens.  As the trail is generally descending in grade from west to east, this is theoretically the “easier” direction. In reality, the first day has some ascents and descents and after that, the grade changes only very gradually.  A friend is dropping us off at the Clinton trailhead early Wednesday morning, and Mrs. V is picking us up at the far end in Machens on Saturday afternoon.

Our plan has us staying with friends of Mr. V on night one in Boonville, following ~70 miles of riding.  Heading out Thursday morning, we’ll cover roughly 50 miles before ending at our 2nd overnight destination, Jefferson City.  Friday will see another 70/70+ mile day as we make our way east to the town of Washington, which doesn’t lie directly on the trail but, at a couple miles off, a common destination for trail riders.  Saturday will be the end of the journey as we have an “easy” (yeah – right) 50 miles to trail’s end in Machens.

We have our eating plans very roughly laid out in terms of where to eat for lunch/dinner, but have some flexibility in this area.

Tonight I’m finishing up my pack list, wrapping up some final details, and generally looking forward to the start of the adventure.  I’m a little nervous – it’s a big challenge we are embarking on here – but also pretty excited. Following the completion of this effort, I have no other major cycling-related plans for the remainder of 2012.

My bike is in the shop for a final tune-up prior to pushing off; I’ll pick her up after work tomorrow, pack up all the gear and, like a kid on Christmas Eve, try to get a good night’s sleep so as to wake up fresh the next morning to embark on the journey.


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