New Personal Monthly Distance Best (485 miles)

September 30, 2012

I’m taking today (September 30th) off the bike; accordingly, all my September cycling mileage is in the books, and I’m glad to say that I have a new personal-best month in terms of mileage. I put about 485 miles on the bike in September, about 4.5% more than my previous best 464 miles in August.

Excepting the month of July, where I was unable to ride for 3 weeks due to my fall/injury, I’ve now pushed my personal-best mileage benchmark forward in each of the past 5 months (April, May, June, August, September).  Mid-March is when I started to get very serious about cycling.  My September mileage, at 485, is nearly 50% more than my April mileage at 330.

With the days getting shorter & colder, this cannot continue linearly.  I expect October to be very solid with our Katy Trail ride at its heart; but I would actually be surprised if I top September or October until March at the very earliest.


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