Leggings = the end of the beginning.

September 30, 2012

About a week ago, the author of one of the cycling blogs I follow, the Early Morning Cyclist, posted an entry called “It’s over, dammit. It’s over“:

Yesterday, I wore my long cycling leggings for the first time since last spring. Even after two hours in the saddle, the ice in my water bottles had yet to melt.

Meanwhile, I don’t even know where the rest of my cold-weather cycling clothes are stored at the moment.

I’m simply not ready for it to end!

Now it’s my turn to face the music.  On yesterday morning’s ride, in which I set out at 50 degrees or lower, I wore my cycling leggings for the first time since probably March.

I started tracking my cycling activity on September 1st, 2011, although I only really dedicated myself to bicycling very early this year.  So I’m very much a baby in this sport, not having under my belt numerous cycling “seasons” like most guys have whose chronicles I follow.  For all intents and purposes, my riding started in the so-called “off-season”.  I do remember well the delight I had when this spring arrived, the daylight stretched out, the days got warmer, and riding further, later and warmer went hand in hand.  Cycling in winter is fun, but cycling during spring and summer beats the snot out of it.

Until just now, having had only one cycling “season” under my belt, I haven’t known the disappointment of the shortening days, the realization that the opportunities are increasingly scarcer for the precious long rides in not-really-cold temperatures, the resignation to the fact that I’ll have to wait till spring to ramp back up again.  But now, sadly, I can say that I, too, know this regret.  It’s been very obvious lately that the days are shortening and getting cooler; but as Mark alluded to, it really becomes reality when you have to break out the long clothes for the first time in 6+ months.

Later this blog will see a retrospective post from me on “this year in my bicycling life”, so this post is not that. What it is, is a postcard I’m sending to the warming, welcoming, waxing weather of spring:  we will meet again, and I wait longingly for that time; till then, wish you were here.


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