Several new personal-bests set recently

September 22, 2012

Recent days have seen several new personal-bests for me in terms of mileage on the bike.

  • On September 8th I achieved my personal 1-day best mileage of 70 miles – my first metric century.  The following Saturday, September 15th, I essentially equaled this distance, topping out around 69.5.


  • The past 5 days have resulted in several additional benchmarks being broken.  I’ve exceeded my best 2-day cumulative mileage (which previously was ~105 miles), riding 58+53 = 111 miles on Thursday-Friday.  I’ve exceeded my best 3-day cumulative mileage (which previously was that same ~105 miles – it was done in 2 days but I hadn’t yet ridden further in any 3 days), riding 58+53+23 = 134 on Thursday-Saturday.  In the process I’ve exceeded my previous best 4-day cumulative miles and most likely several “day notches” above that.


  • Finally, with plans to not ride tomorrow (Sunday), which is the end of my “riding week”, I’ve achieved a new personal-best weekly distance of ~174 miles, exceeding the previous mark of 148 miles, set the week ending June 24th (prior to my sidelining fall on the bike on July 7th).  This exceeds the total monthly mileage in most of my first several months riding the bike (although, not after I bought the new bike).

Without wanting to jinx myself, I am also almost certain to set another new monthly high-mileage mark for September.  I’m not a mathematical lock yet to do it, but I should get well over what I “need” in the remaining 7 days which start Monday.


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