New Personal Daily Best / First Metric / “P&V Tree Removal”

September 9, 2012

Yesterday (Saturday, September 8th) I accomplished a new personal-best daily distance, in the process accomplishing my first-ever “metric century” (100 kilometers — 62 miles).

I rode a total of 70 miles, all but 5 or so of it on the Prairie Spirit Trail.  The indomitable Mr. V and myself took the trail from its start at the Ottawa Depot, south 32.5ish miles to Welda, and back, stopping in Garnett for lunch on the return.

My previous longest ride was about 55 miles, which was the first day of my first Ottawa-Iola-Ottawa round trip (over two days) chronicled here.  So Saturday’s ride was roughly 25% further than my previous best.  It also represented the longest ride Mr. V has taken.

We had between 0.5 and 1 inch of rain in Ottawa the day before the ride, so I had some trepidation about the softness of the trail.  But a reconnaisance check at 8 PM Friday evening reassured me the trail was fine.  Mr. V and I were originally planning to ride “only” to Garnett and back – a 50 mile round trip – but not too long after we set out both of us, feeling pretty good, began to suspect this could turn into a longer ride.

Great training for the planned Katy Trail ride which is just over 8 weeks away. This 70-mile ride more or less mimicked what one of the 4, or 5, days on that ride will be like.

We got in a little extra unplanned workout as well – the recent storms (not only the Friday rain but the remnants we received of Hurricane Isaac) had knocked several trees down across the trail, a couple of them completely blocking progress.  Mr. V and I tore down and moved a total of 4 trees – three of them north of Garnett and one just a bit north of Welda.

It’s gratifying to see progress being made:  one of my first posts on this site was to announce that I’d accomplished my first 50-mile week…50 miles for the entire week…and now I’ve done a 70-mile day. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely…


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