New Personal Monthly Distance Best (464 miles)

August 31, 2012

August is in the books, and with it a new personal best for monthly mileage on the bike.  At 464 miles, I improved upon the mileage of my previous best month (368 miles in June) by 26%.

The first week of July had been on a very promising pace to top June, but all progress was derailed by my fall on the bike on July 7th.  I rode only 10 more miles or so for the rest of the month until back-to-back 14-15 mile return rides on the 29th and 30th.

That injury month aside, I’ve now increased mileage in each of the past several consecutive months; and with plans I have in store for the final third of the year, I expect that trend to continue!

A minor side note:  according to Endomondo, which I use to track my rides, I’ve recently passed the 2500 lifetime-miles mark, which Endomondo cheerfully tells me is 10% of the way around the world.

I’ve tracked my riding for exactly 12 months now, with a marked upward trend in monthly distance over that 2500 miles.  It took me 7.5 months to log 1000 miles (an average 4.4 miles per calendar day), while I’ve rolled 1500 additional miles in the intervening 4.5 months (11.1 miles per calendar day).


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