Bad cycling shorts make good

August 15, 2012

A while back I bought a backup pair of cycling shorts.  Different manufacturer, different style, different fit.  Prior to yesterday, I’d only worn these on two rides – and both of them were among the handful of fairly unpleasant rides I’ve ever had.  Both times, I knew it wasn’t really the shorts themselves – there were other circumstances contributing to the “bleh” factor – but I found myself beginning to associate wearing this particular pair of shorts with hard-working (not in a positive way), unpleasant rides.

Yesterday I broke through this particular hang-up as I got in a wonderful 27+ mile ride with my frequent riding companion Mr. V.  Rode a new route around the Overland Park area, some hills, some wind, some trails, some road – a great enjoyable ride.  And at last, the “bad” cycling shorts were made good.

Anyone out there have a similar situation?  A pair of shoes, a particular helmet, a particular pair of shorts that you associate with less-than-excellent rides?


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