The part-time morning cyclist

August 12, 2012

One of my favorite bicycle blogs is The Early Morning Cyclist.  One theme that pervades his blog – starting with its name – is an avowed fondness for early-morning cycling.  This is something that I share, but alas, cannot do nearly often enough.

I live roughly 50 miles from my work – which means an hour commute in the morning and another on the return.  It’s impossible for me to rise in the morning, get in a quality-length ride, and get to work at any kind of reasonable time.  Therefore, only on Saturday/Sunday is early-morning cycling feasible for me – which for me is a major reason I look forward to the weekend.  It’s a very special time for me.  Either alone on the bike with my thoughts (as this morning), or joining Mr. V, my frequent weekend traveling companion, as on yesterday’s ride.

This morning I rose early and got in about 19 miles after yesterday’s half-century. I could have gone further, but had plans to meet Mrs. O for our sometime weekend morning walk.

Those reading whose job/school location/timing/whatever allows you freedom to ride in the morning, I envy you 🙂  It’s a magic time to ride the bike.

Till next weekend, then…


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