Saturday morning half-century / the one that got me

August 12, 2012

Saturday I got in by far the longest ride since my post-injury return to action, getting in a half-century with the irrepressible Mr. V.  We headed out about 7:30 AM, hitting a series of trails in Overland Park, ending the day with a lunch at my favorite restaurant – Chipotle – and a short ride back to Mr. V’s house.

Along the route we passed the hill on which I fell five weeks prior, to the day.  I got a couple pictures for the memory books and moved on.

Below, just a couple pictures from this excellent ride.

Daybreak at the gas station heading north to meet up with Mr. V.  I LOVE morning cycling, and wish I could do it most every day instead of only on the weekend.

My trusty traveling companion waiting patiently on the trunk rack.

…and again, well into the morning’s adventure.  A short break at roughly 1/3rd of the way through the ride.

And this is the one that got me.  Five weeks prior, I went down this hill way too fast, lost control, and hit the deck, but not before the handlebars smacked my midsection.  The hill has been smoothed out now versus its condition for my fall.  On that unhappy day, the entire thing was much looser dirt/rocks, in the way that only parts of it now are in this picture.

In all, a fantastic Saturday morning ride.  I think it’s my 5th or 6th-ever half century, and certainly my longest ride since returning to action.  It was cathartic walking past this area of my fall, capturing it for posterity, and moving on with my life 🙂


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