So, about that falling down thing…

August 8, 2012

Yes, I’m still around and kicking.  Many reading this know the reason for my absence; those who don’t and who still check in on me, I thank you for that.

It’s ironic that a recent entry of mine (in terms of post count if not in terms of days passed on the calendar) regarded falling down.   On July 7th, toward the end of a very solid ride, I suffered a fairly bad fall off my bike.  I’ve recounted the story numerous times, so I’ll abridge it to say that beyond the expected skinned-up elbows and knees, I incurred a somewhat serious injury to my belly.

I say “my belly” versus my stomach because there doesn’t appear to be any lasting injury to internal organs; but my midsection itself took a pretty bad impact from my handlebars.  I think I pulled/strained/tore some muscle(s) and I definitely suffered a lot of internal bleeding and very ugly bruising.  Long story short, I consulted the doctor a couple times over the past few weeks, learned there was no major lasting damage, and just needed to stay off the bike and let it heal up.

I’ve returned to riding roughly 10 days ago – Sunday prior to last.  I’ve found that my time off has affected me more significantly than I would like – helped, I’m sure, by the fact that I allowed myself to eat very poorly during parts of my “break” – and I feel almost like I’m starting back at square one with the bike.

But, a new fire has been ignited within me as a result of my time away.  It’s late now, I’m going to bed shortly, so I will expound further on this point later.  But suffice to say that I am now refocused on my fitness goals with an intensity that I haven’t previously had – and I will regain my old form and much better on the bike in short order, surpassing it en route to the realization of my goals.

Again, to those who stood by me and supported me through this time, thanks very much.  And sorry for the long silence.  I’m back now, and I am delighted to be back.

Following are a couple pictures from my ride this evening.  I encountered some really wild weather that arose suddenly from a nice calm evening – strong gusty winds, threatening clouds, peppering rain.


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