Weight-loss milestone #2 reached

May 19, 2012

I referred in this post to the accomplishment of my weight-loss milestone #1 (losing for 3 weeks in a row for the first time in months), and named the next logical milestone (losing another few pounds to achieve my lowest weight in roughly 7 years).

Happy to announce that I’ve accomplished the latter, in aggressive fashion.  At my recent biweekly weigh-in, I’d lost 8 pounds since the previous one 2.5 weeks prior, and smashed through a weight floor I’d hit two or three times but hadn’t been successful at transcending.  I left behind a “decade” (10-pound range) that I’d been mired in for several months, and left behind by some 7 pounds a narrow 7-pound channel I’d been in for months. I’m now at my lowest weight in at least 7 years, if not more.  I’m feeling and seeing it in all kinds of ways, and have been very gratified to receive a number of comments.

The following images are meaningful to me.  The first is a graph of my weight, per week, since I returned to losing weight in roughly August 2011. The narrow 7-pound channel I was treading for months shows very dramatically, as does my recent escape from it.

The second is a shot of the receipt (saved as motivation for me) representing the end of my cavalier nature toward food – whether it be sugar, fattening food, or portions.  This is a breakfast of a gaudy 3 sausage biscuits, plus a mocha frappe (large, of course) bought for breakfast at McDeath (HT to HB for the moniker) on 3/24/2012.  The very next day I began my current “sobriety” from sugar and return to healthy eating in general – see this post if you’ve not read it – which continues to today. 8 weeks “sober” and rollin’.

The next major milestone will be roughly 17 pounds from now.  At that weight, I will have lost 75 pounds from my top weight, and I will have accomplished my initial goal which I set when I first resolved to lose weight in summer 2009.  I believe I’ll have only perhaps 15-20 more pounds to lose from there to be in very respectable shape.


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