My Dad Rules

May 19, 2012

So I spent the first half of May out of town on combined business and pleasure. I spent a good portion of that time staying with my parents in Florida.

Imagine my surprise when my dad, under the unspoken implication that we were picking up something for my mom for her birthday, guided me (I was driving the truck) to a local bike shop (Open Ride Bicycles) to pick up a bike he’d recently ordered!!

He had picked up a Specialized Crosstrail, essentially identical to my current bike.  His purpose was twofold:  to provide a bike for me to ride during my 3-to-4-times-yearly visits to my parents, and secondly, he is starting to ride the bike also!

My heart warms beyond words at both realities.

So I’m delighted to report not only that my beautiful Papa is starting to ride the bike (he rides most days now), but that I was able to get in roughly 150 miles of cycling in Florida, while I’d counted on zero!

I biked mostly on a couple local trails in their hometown.  Following are a few of the small number of pictures I took during one ride, down by the local river (the St. Johns).  The bike is his, obviously, not mine, but it’s a spittin’ image 🙂


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