In-ride nutrition, part 4

May 19, 2012

Style continues to evolve.  See this post, this post, and this most-recent post in which I discuss my discovery of Hammer Nutrition.

After completing some more research, I’ve arrived at what I think will be my in-ride nutrition plan for a while.

Below are all the Hammer products I currently own:

They are Endurolytes, Perpetuem Solids, and Hammer Gel.

The initial plan, derived from the excellent documentation and guidance on Hammer’s site, is to have a packet of Hammer Gel slightly more often than once per hour for the first couple hours in the ride; from that point till the end of the ride let the Perpetuem (which contains both carbs for energy and protein for longer workouts) be the primary source of fuel, with Hammer Gel augmenting it slightly more often than every two hours; and an Endurolyte capsule (moderates fluids in the body, replaces electrolytes lost during exercise) approximately every hour.

I’ve started using this plan today, on a half century ride which I’ll write up shortly, and with good results.  Based on assessment of today’s ride, I think I will take both the Gel and Perpetuem just slightly more often than the original plan.


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